In 24th week of pregnancy your baby’s height is inches and weight is 21 ounces. Check out this video to learn more about 24 weeks pregnant stage –

From conception to birth, take a unique look on fetal development during the 9 months of pregnancy. Discover how your baby grows and what happens to your body during the whole pregnancy week.

Video Transcription: Hey Mommies
During 24th week a lot of changes are noticeable both in the mother and the baby
The baby undergoes rapid development and growth and hence all the nutrients are drawn from the mother
Your baby’s height is inches and weighs 21 ounces
At this week the baby’s mass is mainly composed of fat deposits, bones, muscles and body organs
The skin is still translucent and thin but is developing very fast
There is hair on the head with both eye lashes and eye brows almost fully formed
The hair however is white because there is no pigment yet
Body organs like the lungs are still developing but this time, start producing body cells to create surfactant, a substance that is responsible for inflation of air sacs
The brains cells have matured enough to develop conscious thought and memory
Your baby has begun to develop white blood cells, these cells are responsible for fighting off disease and infection
The inner ear is completely developed
Your little one now has basic control over all of his or her senses: hearing, touch, taste, smell, and vision
Expecting mothers at 24th week may encounter dryness of the skin, constipation, nasal congestion and excessive sweating
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  1. PlotRacer

    im 24 weeks todays but im kinda worry cause my baby dont move that much i
    just have feel his kick like 2 or 3 time :( that got me worry and also why
    we experience the sweeting alot during this week?

  2. Swerve

    Thank you

  3. Jaycee

    Im 24 weeks today 

  4. Bodhi

    24 weeks and 5 days

  5. vadetuhoo

    I’m 24 weeks today