In this week your baby can recognize signals received from 5 senses. Must watch this video for getting detail development of your fetus during 31 weeks pregnant –

From conception to birth, take a unique look on fetal development during the 9 months of pregnancy. Discover how your baby grows and what happens to your body during the whole pregnancy week.

Video Transcription: Welcome to 31st week of being pregnant
Your baby is now moving a lot more than before, the expectant mother can likely feel a lot more of that movement
Your little one is now creating neural connections
Height of your baby is inches and weighs pounds
The baby can now turn his or her head
Fat is accumulating beneath the skin to prepare for birth and life outside the womb
Using the neural connections forming in your baby’s growing brain, he or she is beginning to process information and track light
Your little one can now recognize signals received from the five senses
His or her eyes can now perceive light with fully functioning irises that dilate and contract
The tiny ears can now hear and distinguish sounds
It is said that baby’s heart rates speed up and slowdown in response to different music
Your baby can now play with his or her nose, toes, umbilical cord, and your uterine walls to improve his sense of touch
Mothers may experience an arm or a foot move slowly across the belly
Many expectant mothers also experience Braxton Hicks contractions, and some can even experience preterm labor at this point
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  1. IndependentMelvin

    I’m 31 weeks pregnant today. I feel the baby move so much. He is moving
    more in the past 2 weeks than ever. This is my first child so I’m still not
    quite sure what Braxton hicks contractions feel like but I think I have
    felt those too. I am very excited. I cant wait to see my son face to face!

  2. ExpertMegaFear

    my first bby too. amazing

  3. LilFlower

    31 weeks exactly today. Can’t believe he’s almost here.

  4. DeepDarkSamurai

    I’m will be 31 weeks in 2 days! congrats to February mothers

  5. Kairimbi

    31 weeks today with my fifth child I’m getting closer to meeting him

  6. TehEPICD00D

    I’m 31 weeks and 2 days my first baby it’s amazing what we go through. I
    would do it again… congrats ladies..

  7. legoshortened

    So close to the end so exciting

  8. CouldntFindGoodName

    31 weeks yaaayy.

  9. Cherub

    I am 30 weeks ‘t wait till next weeks!I feel my baby
    kicking like crazy if I drink something a little
    sweet. My first pregnancy and it’s a to all the
    expectant mothers.

  10. Nojokur

    I’m 30 weeks pregnant and every week, I send my husband these fetal
    development video since he’s not here. Sometimes, I forget to send him the
    YouTube link and would ask me to send it to him… I guess he doesn’t want
    to skip these videos too and wants to track our baby’s development.

  11. puddlesstow

    31+1 weeks today with baby excited …<3 <3 <3