During 33 weeks pregnant stage, your baby develops its independent immune system because you’re antibodies passing through the placenta. Must see this link for more details –

From conception to birth, take a unique look on fetal development during the 9 months of pregnancy. Discover how your baby grows and what happens to your body during the whole pregnancy week.

Video Transcription: Hello pregnant mothers, its 33rd week of your pregnancy
The height of your baby is 17.2 inches and he weighs pounds
Your baby is now starting to look more human and less alien
Your baby’s bones are starting to harden to prepare for life outside of the weightless womb
The bones in your baby’s skull are formed, but aren’t fused
The baby is beginning to move much more at the 33rd week of pregnancy, and most babies will start to shift, so their head is down toward the birth canal
Your baby is sensitive to light that penetrates through your now thinner abdominal walls
The amniotic fluid surrounding your baby is one degree warmer than your body temperature
Your baby’s taking up more room in the uterus
Your baby’s body is developing its independent immune system due to the antibodies you’re passing along through the placenta
The expectant mothers may experience difficulty in walking as the belly expands
Mothers may experience a lot of movement from the baby during this time
Many women also feel a lot more achy and numb in their hands, wrists, fingers, legs, feet, and toes
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