The skin now has a protective fat layer covering the blood vessels across the body during 39 weeks pregnant. Learn more from here –

From conception to birth, take a unique look on fetal development during the 9 months of pregnancy. Discover how your baby grows and what happens to your body during the whole pregnancy week.

Video Transcription: Hey pregnant mothers!
Welcome to 39th week of your pregnancy
Your baby’s height now is inches and weight is pounds
The baby has no more excessive hair, except maybe on shoulders and ears
Their immune system is not completely developed, as they are getting antibodies from the amniotic fluid
Baby’s placenta is heavy almost as the fetus itself, and the umbilical cord length is same as the baby
Your little ones brain is still growing and developing
Also the tear ducts are developing though they won’t actually produce tears until several weeks after birth
Your little ones skin now has a protective fat layer covering the blood vessels across the body
And the formerly translucent pink complexion becomes a tad darker as skin pigment starts to develop
Hormones effect babies as well, and after childbirth, their breast may be swollen
Mothers may also notice liquids at child’s breasts and genitals. This is normal and is expected to disappear in a couple of days
Babies in first time mothers are going down, the cervix softens, and it even may start opening
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Till then take care of yourself.

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