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Hey y’all! Welcome to our channel. We are a large, loud and Jesus loving family from the rural Midwest. I am Nicci, also known around these parts as “mom” to my brood of seven and as “babe” to my handsome other half. We live on a handful of acres and have raised chickens, pigs, bees, tomatoes, and most importantly, our rowdy bunch of kidlets. We cloth diaper, homeschool, DIY, and try to eat as “homemade” as possible. My ratio of hobbies verses free time is COMPLETELY unbalanced. I enjoy crocheting, knitting, sewing, designing, drawing, using power tools, and anything else that involves creating. I also love to decorate and organize when time and money allow – but come on now, it is hard to make it to the bathroom without little people following 2 steps behind me and my grocery bill is comparable to a mortgage payment! It is a busy, challenging and sometimes chaotic life managing a larger than normal family but is ultimately one of God’s greatest blessings that I am immensely grateful for! In no way have I “arrived” or “figured it all out”, but I am humbled to be able to share my experience with others!



  1. zilla

    How did you decide which child got what color? We are about to have our 4th
    child. We will have 1 boy and 3 girls. So trying to find a good system.

  2. Silver

    Love these tips, thank you! I’ve been waiting for your quick tips on
    camping;) We are going camping this weekend and I am using these tips. I
    love your vlogs:)

  3. broodoos

    I really like that idea with using a pencil pouch for the bathroom stuff. I
    have my kids color code and it helps. This summer when we took our kids to
    stay with my parents, I showed my mom who is what color. That helped her
    out to. I like the idea of using rubber bands and not the bags. I am going
    to use rubber bands from now on, they are so much cheaper.

  4. LMMN

    This was such a helpful vlog. I only have three kids but such great ideas!

  5. tripytterbium

    I love the rubber band idea! I’ve been rolling my boys’ outfits together,
    but they’d get separated with looking through the suitcase. I didn’t think
    to secure them! Do you bring cloth diapers? Or so you switch to disposable
    for getaways?

  6. pleasingdaring

    These are great ideas! Thanks so much. I have four littles and we do a lot
    of weekend camping/traveling, can’t wait to try some of these :)

  7. FriedSushi

    Awesome I need to go to Walmart.