What’s happening during 5th week of your pregnancy? Your baby is the size of an apple pip and their heart will soon start beating. Track 5 weeks pregnant detail information from here –

From conception to birth, take a unique look on fetal development during the 9 months of pregnancy. Discover how your baby grows and what happens to your body during the whole pregnancy week.

Video Transcription: Welcome to week 5 of your pregnancy
You have entered your second month now.
The baby inside you is growing fast and rapidly, from the size of a poppy seed to the size of a teeny tadpole. Your baby now is 2mm long.
During this week the baby’s key organs are growing, your baby creates its own blood system and the heart starts forming, that separates into four chambers and begin pumping. The heart beats can be heard through ultrasound.
The neural tube is also forming which later would turn into brain and spinal cord of the baby. And hence folic acid should be taken daily especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.
The placenta develops and the umbilical cord works with placenta to give nutrition and oxygen to your baby.
There are some symptoms you might encounter during this week. Those are morning sickness, breast tenderness, fatigue, frequent urination
There are some things you should avoid and those are taking alcohol and birth controls, also do not smoke as it may retard your child’s growth.
Take very good care of yourself
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