We’ve gathered a few travel organization tips from almost 1.5 years worth of extended family travel over 5 trips under our belts. Hopefully some of it can be helpful to others, too :) I tried to say “helpful” as many times as possible in this video, so…
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1 Comment

  1. goodatthis123

    I have a tip on organization. Well you can do this with your child (I am a
    child) it is simple. All you need is……
    -duct tape
    opt. paper or card board.

    First get a variety or color scheme of duct tape. Then if you have a poster
    board or any hard base place away. If you have only duct tape then you will
    need something to place it on but will easily come off. Like a sheet or
    blanket. Place one strip of duct tape horizontal. Then place more long
    strips (depending on how long you want it) vertically. Once long enough and
    wide enough turn it around and place paper or more duct tape to make it no
    longer sticky. After that to make pockets there are two ways one is
    multiple pockets the other is one big pocket but remember you can do both!
    -Multiple pockets. you first want to take a strip the size you want to
    cover. then flip it over and put a slightly smaller strip on top the part
    that is sticky and still on the side stick it on the base. then take a
    piece of duct tape sticky side up join the base and pocket together. take
    more duct tape and put it on that. Continue to do this until you have
    enough pockets.

    -One pocket. First you want to take duct tape long enough to go all the way
    down place part of the sticky duct tape on the back. then cover the
    remaining duct tape. Do the same for the bottom. now the top is tricky flip
    the duct tape over like before. then cover the sticky part of it. This is
    harder than it sounds so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the
    first time.

    -Both. Do both of them just add more duct tape to the base.


    this took me very long to do don’t hate comment I’m 10…….
    I came up with this myself…
    Stay crafty……