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Laura Maroldo always dreamed about adopting a child. She was a single, career woman when she started the process of adoption from China. After several years of waiting, she learned about how to adopt a waiting child and could decide which medical issues she could deal with. Once she was open to adopt a waiting child, her dream came true.

Within months, Laura got the ecstatic news that she was matched with 2 year old Jada Ling, who was born with a heart defect, Laura had met her live in love Jack, a retired NYPD Lt with 3 teenage they are one big happy family and Jada is in perfect health.

Laura does have advice for single parent adoption, family adoption and chinese adoption.
She says “Nothing worthwhile comes easy, thats the rule of thumb laugh . The first thing I would say is I know adoption not for everybody. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and one of most fulfilling things you can do in the world. I know it’s challenging. I’d say hang in there, what is meant to be will be. Do your homework investigate where to adopt from and the challenges that lie ahead before you move forward.”

She also says it is completely normal for an adopted child to have developmental delays of 1 month for every 3 months in an orphanage.

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  1. goodatthis123

    I would love to adopt someday. Whether I’m single or not when I decide I
    want to adopt I’ll move back to my home town to be near my family so I can
    raise my child how I was raised, with a huge extended family around to help
    out and offer support. To those saying a child needs a Father a child needs
    a Father FIGURE, someone who they can talk to and learn from it doesn’t
    necessarily have to be a biological Father. When applying to adopt as a
    single person you must prove you have a support network.

  2. IceGeek

    According to Chinese adoption law, a single person cannot adopt children
    from China.

  3. AngelSweetiePie

    I had no clue orphanages delay a child!

  4. TugasempireChannel

    God bless your family! @Audrey Ikr!

  5. Doom

    sure hope this wasn’t one of the kids sold to orphanages….