PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. My wife and I adopted a little boy. He came to us with a trash bag over his shoulder. We were so moved by this image that we decided to make a short film entitled “Palms”. This short film was honored and became a winner at the 2013 International Family Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. Palms is the story of a foster child in search of a forever family who is holding his heart in the palm of their hands. PLEASE SEE ENTIRE MOVIE to get meaning of ‘Palms’. It is (however) not the typical story of some adoptions. Some foster children suffer horribly but the Lord showed his kindness to us and our son. Palms has been shown to various organizations, churches, and families and has brought awareness to a few experiences of foster children. There are many more severe cases that don’t always have a happy ending, but for us this one did. Palms was written, produced, and directed by award winning filmmaker Deep Williams. Go to to view other films and see current projects by Deep Williams.



  1. Diomonwe

    touching :-)

  2. Hellboy

    why do black people always worry about their “hair” getting wet? its not
    real anyways.

  3. pokemonpie

    the boy is hot

  4. Brownie

    What a beautiful story! I am 43 and have never had kids; but when I marry I
    WILL adopt. In Jesus’ Name. Awesome job Deep Williams

  5. BeanBasket

    I love everyone

  6. TroubleChick

    I loved this! Some day I want to adopt a kid who needs a home!

  7. Zod

    Great film as a foster parent it gives me more insight in to the minds of
    my kids ,16 years I have love them like my own and when they move on I have
    my tears .I have been blessed to stay in touch with many that have grown
    and the best words I can ever hear from them is thank blesses me
    each time a new one comes ,not only are the lessons theirs in life but mine