Here’s to raising awareness for pet adoptions. There are so many loving, warm, loyal animals in need of homes. Please adopt or help spread the word and spread the love! :)

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Julie Zhan
Bookings: Dance Performance/Acting/Talk: JulieZhanActing@

Produced, Filmed, Edited By:
Don Le

Very Special Thanks To:
The Lovejoy Foundation

Guiermo “gMo” Cuellar



  1. StrawberryApplepie

    almost as cute as you julie

  2. MindFreezer

    Are you single

  3. MamaHeraldBox

    You could have posted it 4 days earlier and participated in project for
    awesome 2015.

  4. deucebiggaloo0

    I knew the kitty was almost close to falling off and I was saying at the
    screen “..” lol :p But I don’t know which was
    kitten or you lol. I’ll say it was a tie ;)

  5. TimeTutorials

    Awwww… So adorable and fluffy!

    Oh, and the kitten is cute too I guess .

  6. ReadCrazy

    that kitty was so ready to land on it’s feet