Kristin Cavallari gives Whitney, a 29-year-old single mom who always falls for immature bad boys, the advice she needs to find a grown up guy who is actually good for her, and her family.

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  1. Meman5000

    I already feel sorry for the poor guy who will end up with her. She had
    her fun and sex with all the “bad boys”, was not responsible with sex and
    got knocked up by bad boys. Now she is looking for a proverbial, “good
    guy,” to take care of her offspring that were sired by those bad boys. So
    is a “good guy” supposed to fill in as the after-party replacement like
    some household item or accessory because, after she is done having fun with
    the bad boys, now she needs one to take care of her family and children (by
    her “bad boys”)? Is that the “reward” a guy gets for being “good”? Is that
    what “good guy” deserve? Is that even fair or just for the “good guy”? If
    that is the ending for a guy being good, it’s no wonder why no man want to
    be the “good guy” any more.

  2. broswen

    I recommend deleting this video and starting again. When you, Cosmo, truly
    want to start an authentic discussion about the struggles of single parents
    and dating, with a focus on single moms, hit me up.

  3. FriedSushi

    when a woman says ” i have history of dating bad boys ” :P

  4. zoompreference

    that dude was more feminine than her lol thats why they ended up “friends”
    I’m sure

  5. pretty

    What the heck am i doing here??

  6. Longcom

    I’d would never date someone who has a , never , never . 

  7. tipstrade

    I really don’t know why I watched this

  8. theyrelying2u

    Makeup is a life saver for some of these chicks, you spend a night with a
    10 then wake up to godzilla

  9. DaveDays

    To the bitch who goes for “bad boys” and wonders why she’s single… If
    you’re not about that life then don’t go for someone who doesn’t want
    commitment and serious shit

  10. WaylayDave

    The start felt like advertisement for Revlon xD It all felt so forced and

  11. Spazyfool

    are they still seeing eachother????

  12. Awesomeme

    What lipgloss did he put on her???

  13. wergtyh

    not as easy as it looks folks! :) it was a great experience & I’m blessed
    to have been given the opportunity to speak about my personal life

  14. youri842

    Kinda weird how nobody had any expression, even if it is scripted they
    could at least make it seem the tiniest bit real. 

  15. alexisrsacc1

    You know I wish that I had Jesse’s wish that I had Jesse’s
    can I find a woman like that! ;)