Kelp to Firm Loose Sagging Skin on the Face and Body

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Kelp to Firm Loose Sagging Skin on the Face and Body

Consider consulting a dermatologist. This is especially important if you plan to begin a regular regimen of kelp treatments. A dermatologist will be able to tell you if your skin is prone to any unique risks and whether kelp treatments can be effective for you.

Shop for a topical skin cream that contains actual Wakame kelp extract. Very few creams made with Wakame kelp extract are sold throughout North America. You may find more success shopping online depending on where you live. This treatment is most popular in Japan, but importers all over the world order it for high-end skin care boutiques. Be sure to read the ingredient list of every product you consider to confirm that it contains Wakame kelp.

Gather the names of a few available Wakame kelp creams that are within your budget. Search online for independent reviews and information on each one. Use this information to inform your decision on which cream is best for your needs and desired results. Order your cream.

Wash your face thoroughly with an unscented liquid face soap. Scrub your body with any unscented body soap. Dry off completely.

Apply the Wakame kelp cream to your face and all areas with loose or sagging skin according to the specific instructions included with your cream.

Continue kelp cream treatments daily for at least a week to assess how your skin is responding. If there is no noticeable improvement after one week, discontinue use of your current product and consider trying a different kelp cream or consulting a dermatologist.

Select the form of Wakame kelp you want to use in your wrap. Kelp solutions for body wraps are available as powders, mud blends, gels or whole leaves. Whole leaf Wakame kelp is rarely found outside of areas immediately bordering the Pacific coast, however using fresh leaves isn’t necessarily more effective than using other skin products that contain Wakame kelp extract. Wakame kelp powders, muds and gels can all be readily purchased online or in boutiques. The differences among powder, mud and gel forms of body wraps are mostly related to the texture of the solution itself, but you should carefully examine each product’s claims to help you decide which one is best for you.

Purchase a Wakame kelp body wrap solution once you are sure that it contains actual Wakame kelp extract.

Pick one area of the body to work on at a time. Dampen that area of the body, then smear it with a generous layer of Wakame kelp body wrap solution.

Wrap the area snugly with an elastic ACE bandage and secure the bandage in place with metal bandage clips.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 on each area of the body with loose or sagging skin.

Keep the wrap in place for the amount of time recommended on the packaging of your specific formula. Most wraps should stay on for around 45 minutes or an hour.

Remove all of the bandages. Rinse off the body wrap solution in a lukewarm shower.

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