Easter & Spring Themed Baby Showers

By Catherine | 18 March 2013

Easter & Spring Themed Baby Showers

Spring is a season for new beginnings, and what better time to have a spring themed baby shower? If you’re planning a spring or Easter-themed baby shower, we have some great ideas for you! 

Baby in Bloom Spring Theme Baby Shower

True to its name, this theme is a blend of the season’s best flora and lots of outdoor fun. This theme is best suited for the outdoor spring weather. 


We suggest décor with vibrant gerbera daisy centerpieces along with other green fillers. Hang white, green, and orange tissue pom-poms or gigantic paper flowers to mimic a bright garden! 


Using vibrant green scrapbook paper, create unique DIY placemats. Label any beverages with “Baby in Bloom.”

Party Favors

For favors and gifts, pack seasonal flower seeds in a hemp bag with a personalized message. 


Create a wishing tree for the mother to-be, where the leaves are replaced by personalized messages for the mother to-be signed by each guest at the baby shower. 

Little Chick Easter Baby Shower 

Easter is a wonderful time to gather your family and friends to celebrate your pregnancy. 


This is a fun and easy baby shower theme that doesn’t require too much time or effort. Make a centerpiece by placing plastic Easter eggs in a huge glass container. You can place this centerpiece and other Easter paraphernalia at the fireplace mantle (if indoors) or scatter plastic Easter eggs in the garden with the huge glass container as a centerpiece. 


Customize cake pops or create your own colorful muffins. Use the Little Chick theme as an inspiration for the cake. Create Little Chick candies, cookies, and tarts that you can use as favors also. 


A little chick holding a thank you note is a sweet way of paying gratitude to visiting family and friends. Favors can also include small saplings or potted plants denoting the happy beginning and refreshing spring season. 

Birds and Bumblebee Spring Baby Shower 

This baby shower incorporates flora and fauna bearing in mind the spring season. With many ideas for décor and trinkets for favors, this baby shower is very versatile and suited for a baby boy or a baby girl. 


This can be used as both an indoor and outdoor theme. Create buntings with birds and bees artwork. Decorate your mantle with several items that tie into the theme. Incorporate birdhouses, flowers, bugs, and vines to give it the rustic birds and the bees feel! 

Food and Beverages 

You can get innovative and line up several different beverages that guests can make on their own or you can build your own ice cream bar. From teas to sodas, you can give your guests an array of different flavors to try. Cakepops and push pops are great to have also! 


From marzipan birds and bees, to gifting small bottles of honey, you can think out of the box by even gifting wildflower seeds. 

Spring has always been a season to mark new beginnings and welcoming new arrivals!

photo credit: niner bakes via photopin cc

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