Ideas for Painting Stripes in a Baby’s Room

By Administrator | 19 February 2013

Ideas for Painting Stripes in a Baby’s Room

When you are expecting a new arrival in your family, a lot of preparations must be made, including assembling the baby’s nursery. A lot of time can be spent on choosing the proper furniture and decorations for the nursery, but don’t forget about the walls. There are a variety of ways to paint stripes on the walls of your nursery to create a theme for your newborn’s nursery.

Add a unique touch to your baby’s nursery by using a sponge to create stripes. First, paint the entire wall one color. Then, after the paint dries, tape vertical, horizontal, or diagonal stripes on the wall to cover the areas where you do not want to sponge paint. The tape will ensure that the stripes are straight. Dip the sponge in paint and dab the areas that are not taped to form your stripes. The stripes can all be the same color or several different colors.

Give your baby something bright and entertaining to look at in the nursery: the walls. Light paint colors will not only draw your baby’s eyes to the design on the wall but they will also help brighten the room, especially if there are few lighting fixtures available. Colors such as yellow, lime green and pink will help create a light-colored theme.

Stripes can also be created by using a combination of wallpaper and paint. Paint several broad vertical stripes of a single color on each of the walls. In between the stripes, hang wallpaper. For instance, you might want to use a a variety wallpapers with baby-themed images on alternate them to create a different theme on each wall of the nursery.

Babies, frankly, do not express decorating preferences. Therefore, your own preferences should come into play when selecting colors for the stripes in the room. For example, if you want to create a sports-themed nursery, choose the colors of a local sports team for your stripes or use your college’s colors.

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