Top 10 Family Beaches in the US

By Catherine | 19 April 2013

Top 10 Family Beaches in the US

​A beach vacation is fun for the whole family, and with summer approaching, what a perfect time to begin planning a family beach trip. Here are our top 10 family beaches! 

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Situated in North Carolina, it’s a place surrounded by many small, not-so-crowded beaches. They are also known for the manageable waves and natural landscapes. The summer weather is great, and instead of spending money on a hotel, consider finding accommodations in a cottage or a condo rental.

Best time to visit: To enjoy the sun, visit Outer Banks from March to May or between September and November, when then you may get good deals for half the price.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The clean beaches and brown sands are the main attractions in Myrtle Beach. Vacation specialists consider it one of the best east coast family vacation destinations. It’s also famous among anyone who golfs. They have amusement parks for kids, which makes it a family-friendly vacation spot. If you are traveling with a large group, try renting out an actual home—a good way to save big bucks.

Best time to visit: April to July is the best time to visit; however, hotel rates go up in the summer months. If you want to stay for a longer time—you can try visiting after October and before Christmas.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket has some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Nantucket. It has Surfside Beach and Children’s Beach. Its north shore beaches have a gentler surf suitable for children, and they are easily accessible from town.

Best time to visit: The months of March, April, September, and October are the best time to visit these beaches.

Cape May, New Jersey

It’s the farthest point south on the Shore; Cape May has gorgeous beaches and an old-fashioned town center.

Best time to visit: In season, from Memorial Day in May through Labor Day in September; you must have a beach tag to use Cape May’s beaches. The beach fee is $15.00 from December 3, 2012 until March 29, 2013 and $25.00 after April 1.

Coronado, California

It has been consistently voted one of America’s finest beaches by The Travel Channel. Coronado’s beaches shine through all the 12 months due to its mineral mica in the sand.

Best time to visit: All year around, but some beaches have curfews starting at 11:00 p.m.

Coopers Beach - Southampton, New York

Coopers is Southampton Village’s only lifeguard-protected beach. If you take a stroll around, you will see the unique view of the Atlantic on one side and historic mansions on the other.

Best time to visit: May through September is the ideal time.

Hanalei Bay Beach - Kauai, Hawaii

As it translates, Hanalei means “crescent bay” in Hawaiian. The best feature is its long half-moon of golden sand backed by a huge green mountains.

Best time to visit: For the east coast, consider visiting during Christmas break!

Clearwater Beach, Florida

It’s known for the pristine white sand beaches, clear gulf waters, and the warm sun.

Best time to visit: Visit during the high season in the winter, from mid-December to mid-April.

Coast Guard Beach Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A great beach to hike, relax, and soak up the natural beauty. It is less crowded and some prefer visiting in winter too!

Best time to visit: Since it’s a prime swimming beach, it’s better to visit during the summer season.

St. George Island State Park Florida Panhandle

A very calm and quiet getaway featuring a beautiful 3-mile stretch, which is nearly deserted, and surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico.

Best time to visit: If you are invited to a wedding on that beach, go with your family and be sure to extend your stay post wedding! Or visit anytime during the year.

photo credit: Dan Queiroz via photopin cc




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