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Treat Yourself: Tips for softer hands and feet

By Catherine | 21 February 2013

Treat Yourself: Tips for softer hands and feet
  1. ​Remove any previously applied nail polish. For rigid dark colors, you can use an extra strength polish. Wash your hands immediately, because no matter how safe polish removers claim to be, they can end up making your cuticles even harder. 
  2. After drying your hands, cut and file your fingernails into shape. Trim toenails carefully using nail clippers. Avoid cutting them too short.
  3. Use a thick moisturizer for your cuticles; you don’t need a special cuticle removing product. For thicker and harder cuticles, try an oil. Massage your feet and hands using a gentle body scrub. For even smoother skin, try using a sugar scrub. They’re an easy way to exfoliate!
  4. If you’re going to paint your nails, paint them prior to using any lotions or oils. 
  5. Use a daily moisturizer to maintain soft and silky hands and feet!

Tip for the day: If you don’t have any oil at home, you can puncture vitamin E gel capsules with a clean needle, and squeeze the vitamin E on to your fingernails and toe nails! 

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