1. pleasureu4gold

    How old are you :)?

  2. liltiff

    hey why did her biological parents didn’t want her?

  3. Yad

    Hey…. truly inspiring. Wow. ATB

  4. Emarker

    so you and your husband have been her parents all of her life?

  5. Lannaiale

    great video!

  6. brilliantbrun3tt3

    You look so young like 18

  7. LoveGooble

    So sweet. It was great to meet you yesterday!! Your family is adorable and
    Audrey’s stunning! Such a blessing :)

  8. plioceneboundary

    Hope your adoption process and raising her goes better than ours … W
    adopted a new born and raised her with her older brother and 4 years later
    we had a sister for her. we adopted because my wife was not supposed to be
    able to have anymore kids. and we did not want an only child !! Surprise
    !!! the Dr was wrong !! but we told her she was adopted and at 18 she
    attempted to find her birth mother. no deal but found birth father. It
    seemed throughout her teen years and later she resented us, why who knows.
    she had what she needed and plenty of love. We have the attitude today it
    was a waste of our time, she has a teenage daughter of her own and we
    rarely see her. soo sad yours is better !!!

  9. LocalBizarre

    how old were you when you got the guardianship?

  10. theyrelying2u

    Your voice is beautiful!!

  11. okieedokieee

    Wow. You guys are awesome! Excellent choice at taking her and making her
    your own!

  12. Crazy

    if you could email me please do so! i and my fiance are going through the
    same exact experience and we need help. my daughter to be has guardianship
    from her grandparents, and i am so stressed about how to go about this. I
    am seventeen and he is 18 and about to get married in october, please help
    me. -sophia

  13. concurrabbit

    Wow what a great story!

  14. AdvicePrecise

    Wow, you are so young and to hear your story about adoption is an
    inspiration! ? Thanks for sharing!