Oreo Hearts, Oreo Kisses, a fun Kids Chocolate Recipe that is a simple DIY Easy and Fun Cooking Tutorial kids of all ages will love to make and eat

Delicious dessert that is quick and super easy to make anywhere, and tastes super yummy also!

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  1. amperehurry

    can we use only milk chocolate not that white

  2. notationjoiner

    I love it I am just 12 I tried it was soooooo yummy

  3. roebuck

    I hated it
    it was so simple

  4. FacerRacer

    how long in the microwave

  5. FearSwag


  6. jesse

    These were delicious. My friend and I went and made them. Thank you for
    this great idea. #yum

  7. WarSyndrome

    How many of those kisses does it actually make?

  8. DeDeAl

    Just a quick tip to rid those small air bubble holes.. gently drop down the
    chocolate mould on your kitchen work surface, this will disperse them

  9. FamousShabby

    300 like<3

  10. pretty

    Wow thats so yummy Im gonna make some of that oreo kisses but the only
    problem is I don’t have a heart shape moulds or anything shape moulds

  11. LittleGorilla

    Find the differens


  12. Avenger

    OMG have that bowl:)!.???

  13. KillaPriest

    I love Oreo kisses

  14. artemissf125

    wow this is so simple

  15. HoneypieGirl

    That looks so yummy and easy you earned a subscriber!!!