1. postbusxftw

    The kids are just standing around. They don’t even get to do anything.

  2. CandyRaid

    They are probably more self-conscious than bored. They probably volunteered
    for the class and also to be in the video, yet now they feel foolish just
    standing around on camera, knowing that their friends will probably see
    them. Kids are more self-conscious than any other age.

  3. Honey

    I think she’s good, but she’s probably a little nervous. Just teaching one
    child how to use a sharp knife would make me extremely nervous! With so
    many more, there is so much more that could go wrong! If I were a kids’
    cooking instructor, I’d probably just go one on one with knives. I am not
    good with them myself, and was looking for demonstrations and instructions
    to learn to use a knife a little better. These are very useful to 60 year

  4. theconshecalledlove

    i thought it was good and makes a change from being told not too being
    shown how to in a way that is safer.

  5. morrifield

    yeah I really need to start my cooking show for kids… I’m a teenager so
    I’m a bit closer to a kid than her.