Menstruation is amazing and we explain why!
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Written and created by: Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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  1. wizardshorrible

    Men have a hormonal cycle as well, except that it’s a daily cycle
    (testosterone is highest in the morning, lowest at night). Testosterone
    levels also vary in response to stress and external stimulus. Men also
    experience andropause – a drop in testrosterone levels after age 40 that
    can lead to weight gain, loss of energy and low lobito.

  2. IWisher

    On me period, and jus liek…. Dood. Me be crampin all over da place, and
    I;m all liek, gimme a gold medul for da olimpeecs, cuz no boi aint ever
    gonna beat meh at DIS sport (how I write when on my period. Translation:
    AAAAAaAAaaaAaaaAAAaaaaaaAAAAaAh cramp)

  3. Dawnofdusk

    Came here coz of lilly ??

  4. IThinkALot

    Why does it have to be every month??????

  5. skiverstrings

    Women they’re strong

  6. PrincessTaste

    I never had these kinda moodswings and i don’t want chocolate then either
    XD just cramps

  7. Battledoom

    When two of the most amazing channels collaborate! *_*

  8. CrazyAnyone

    Preach girl!!!!

  9. AwesomeHoney

    All dem birches out here be like “pregnancy is da worst” I just like a man
    got thousan of babies in his balls every day… No jk. But seriously thank
    you ladies dat shit probably isn’t too fun