Avoid painful ear popping while on a plane by chewing gum and opening the jaw to ease the pressure and help open the eustachian tube. Learn what medications help decrease congestion, while flying sick with tips from a registered nurse in this free video on family health.

Expert: Beverly Bitterman
Bio: Beverly Bitterman began her career as a registered nurse working in Cardiac Intensive Care.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz



  1. BrainyCommunique

    Hold your nose and drink some water works!!

  2. AppleHoneypie

    If your ears ever pop on a plain, open your mouth really loud everytime you
    feel pain, and chew gum. Also insert headphones inside your ear. Helped me

  3. 123shuffle123

    Going on a plane in like 36 hours

  4. ScottEvil

    Hey guys, if this doesn’t work for you then I can give you some advice. Try
    going to your local boots pharmacy (or super drug) and try finding some
    airplane earplugs. This stops your ears popping but once you’ve put them in
    you can’t take them out until you land. I use them on all flights because I
    find it agonising when the plane lifts off and lands. Try cleaning out your
    ears before applying though, because you want to be sure you can hear as
    much as you can when wearing them incase there is an important
    announcement. I hope this helped! :) also, apply then in your ears as you
    sit down in your seat and only remove once the plane has stopped moving.

  5. Hernics

    if none of those works, you just gotta man up lol

  6. ainksccidental

    The fact that the plane could crash isn’t even what bothers me about
    flying. I hate flying because of my ears. Tomorrow, I have a 2000 mile
    flight, and then a connecting flight for about another 1000 miles. Wish me
    luck. I’m not sick, but I bought the earplanes earplugs, the nasal spray,
    and the sudafed.

  7. CrazyEights

    Thanks that is really helpful info.

  8. idontknow

    I am scared I am Gona travel tomorrow and I am scared of planes i always
    have nightmares about plane like a plane falling on me lol. The plane
    crashes and when my ears pop I become unconscious and sick and feel that I
    am Gona throw up please help any suggestions BIGGEST COMMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!