Calm an upset stomach by avoiding solid foods, drinking water and making tea with ginger to help ease the digestive process. Learn a few useful remedies to help calm an upset stomach with tips from a registered nurse in this free video on family health.

Expert: Beverly Bitterman
Bio: Beverly Bitterman began her career as a registered nurse working in Cardiac Intensive Care.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz



  1. Fallen

    I drank hot chocolate´╗┐

  2. p0pps

    my mum doesn’t let me eat the only thing I eat is porridge for my breakfast
    in the middle of the day I will have my dinner and that’s why I get stumik
    ake I’m starven my dad feeds me properly I always get bullied my mum is
    trying the best she can to stop people bully me I always spend my time bye
    my self ­čśë it’s all tro i never lie; )´╗┐

  3. MrBuster265

    I don’t get it I ate breakfast and didn’t eat for the rest of the day thats
    how bad it is. I can barely stand without getting nauseous ´╗┐

  4. SillyNinja

    I dont get it I ate 2 well actually snuck girl scout cookies and I was
    awake all night and heading to the bathroom every 5 minutes ´╗┐

  5. puddlesstow

    Well thanks for sharing the video…´╗┐