Drain a blood blister by using a paper clip, soap and water, alcohol and a candle flame to treat the wound if medical care is not easily accessible. Clean a blood blister effectively after its been drained with tips from a registered nurse in this free video on family health.

Expert: Beverly Bitterman
Bio: Beverly Bitterman began her career as a registered nurse working in Cardiac Intensive Care.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz



  1. Inspiring

    I’ve got one of those on my toe

  2. GraceShower

    I have a small blood blister on the tip of my middle finger. What do I do

  3. fruktHD

    burning a hole in your nail doesn’t sound like good medical advice. how
    about leaving it alone and letting it eventually heal.

  4. HoneyGoldfish

    lmao I bet thats what they’d do too if you went to the a hooked
    myself last fall fishing and wen to the pulled out a tool box and
    used a needle nosed pliers and sidec I know what to do for
    the should just have a support line, xD I like this one sxo

  5. Heavenly

    0:01 hhahahahahaha WOW

  6. ToontownRoxGuy

    HAHHAHA dude that cracked me the fuck up!

  7. RunsWithFlyingDolphins

    I have two blood blisters on the inside of each of my big toes. Would it be
    okay to put the blisters in water for a while to soften the skin that way
    it will be less painful and then use a hot needle to drain it. Is there any
    issue with the fact that I have had these blisters for about 5 days now and
    have only started to do something about it?

  8. mylifesabeautifuldisaster

    Yah but what about in the area in front of the finger nail

  9. ChocolateThunder

    umm mines on my eye

  10. HaroSanHell

    loking in recommendd videos makes me regret searching this up

  11. EverNext

    holy crap i actually did hit my thumb with a hammer

  12. Citsbush

    @hawaiianpony best what?

  13. porkypine1888

    wow you just hit your hand with a hammer!!!!

  14. w8t4u