Ease menstrual cramps by applying heat to the abdominal muscles, drinking plenty of fluids or by taking some kind of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory over-the-counter remedy. Get health check ups and exercise regularly to ease menstrual cramps with tips from a registered nurse in this free video on family health.

Expert: Beverly Bitterman
Bio: Beverly Bitterman began her career as a registered nurse working in Cardiac Intensive Care.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz



  1. crackkorn814

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  2. Hamish

    it did not work and im 9 years old and it stared when I was 8

  3. BioShockRules

    When people tell me to exercise I just flip around on my bed in pain until
    I fall asleep 5 hours later

  4. HoneyBlossomDimples

    *Fetal position on bathroom floor crying in pain*

  5. p0pps

    Maybe to get a consultation and ask them whatever questions

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  7. DailyStormGorgeous

    I never had a gynecologist or any doctor for me, is it necessary to have
    on? I’m eighteen

  8. Honeycake

    Since so many suffer from dysmenorrhea, why hasn’t there been a creation
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  9. Troll

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  10. runfaced

    Then you’ll have to take hormonal pills everyday.