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Hey everyone! Traveling with a big family is not easy, so I brought on fellow mommy, Colette, to share her travel tips and stories with us! Have any good travel tips or stories? Share in the comments below!
Mindy discusses her son’s ADHD with an adolescent psychiatrist:

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  1. IssueBuzzPeatear

    They should go on vacation.

  2. SillyPie


  3. Illusionz

    what about car sick ?

  4. Connedig

    She is from SHAYTARDS and she is Momy Tart

  5. TinaFey

    well Im 17 so I dont have kids jet but I went with my sister on vaction and
    we were coming back from a water parck in a bus and she fell a sleep
    upsaide down so her mouth was open and she was so red cause of the sun she
    looked like an apple