Traveling to Hawaii? With kids? Some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way from what to pack on your carry on, where to buy and not to buy beach accessories and what to do at the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s Lagoon!



  1. UltimateShooter

    I am a recent subbie. Just curious what is the cost of going with a
    family. We are family of five adults. No children. I will be traveling
    from the state of Kentucky. I am planning a family vacation. Some of our
    top things we want to do is swim in non crowded areas, fishing, local
    cuisine especially a luau and would love to attend a pig roast if any in
    the luau’s. Let me know thanks.

  2. MineMan620

    Fireworks on Friday night are awesome at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

  3. Bergenan

    Thank you for checking out my video. I’ve subbed you… Hawaii is one of
    our dream places to live. So I will have to go back to your videos once
    that dream comes true :)

  4. Compule

    Hawaii …Nice view(*´ω`*)!and your children so cute(゜∇^d)!!

  5. Pegwolf

    Nice video! Thanks for checking out mine! :)