What would you do if you saw a pregnant woman harassed for giving her baby to a same-sex couple?

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What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go awry. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC.

What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.



  1. HoneybearCheers

    This gives me so much hope…

  2. PanicPoint

    God if I was there……. Let’s just say she would not be walking out with
    any bones.

  3. Blinkerco

    Being gay is Normal.

    Being homophobic is…. Unnatural. obvi

  4. livingfree8

    “look out for your own baby” lmao I love that line, and “are you from the
    dark ages?” i’m so done!

  5. plioceneboundary

    Studies have shown that children raised by same sex parents grow up happier
    than children raised by an opposite sex couple. Now, that’s not saying kids
    raised by opposite sex couples are miserable, but same sex parents most
    likely won’t use the unnecessary boundaries of gender roles, fallowing
    that, also setting no emotional boundaries so that a child is free to
    express what they feel.

  6. SmileeDoll

    This is a disgusting video. fucking faggots need to be euthanized.