1. san1122

    Am i the only one seeing boys loooook so much alike.

  2. woowoo678

    I want to foster and maybe adopt eventually because I was never in foster
    care or adopted but I have had friends that are in the system or were in
    the system and they would tell me stories about how they would never be one
    or they missed treated them and that they would spend weeks in group homes
    because no one wanted to foster them because of there problems

  3. Happy

    leyes de jero y davianna y daniel y dalanci no botar basura uuuuuuuu que

  4. grouchgrowing

    absolutely beautiful story! inspiring and life changing. i believe we can
    all learn from this beautiful mama!

  5. YellowMenace

    You are an inspiration. Thank You.

  6. Nicky

    I love this me and my husband want to adopt. This very inspiring. Are they
    from Rochester, NY ? Thank you for sharing. Godspeed.