In honor of Father’s Day, Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #Dadvice.

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Hashtags: #Dadvice



  1. HoneybearPearls

    I do that ‘pretending to pray’ at school everyday XD

  2. LlamagoneBonkers

    Instead of saying “the alphabet,” how about you don’t get pulled over at

  3. boob


  4. Eifersu

    When I was little my dad said, “you can do anything you want! you can fly!”
    (he was a big fan of the red arrows) I said I wanted to be an acrobat in
    the circus. His reply was “But your afraid of clowns. You know where there
    aren’t clowns? In the sky”.?

  5. AmazingHuh

    as a young kid, my dad tried to explain why i should always stay optimistic
    by saying “Stress is a cause of all the diseases, except syphilis.” I had
    to look through my mom’s old medical books to figure out what syphilis
    was… pictures still haunt me.

  6. ribbitslant

    Whenever I would go to a party or get in trouble, my father would say, “A
    future-doctor wouldn’t do things like that,” I’M NOT GONNA BE AN F-ING

  7. TugasempireChannel

    xyuppi got two times!!

  8. iiJubio

    That first dad is already an asshole…

  9. SevenShots

    Why there was two tweets from Xyuppi??

  10. Boltelle


  11. DrAngel

    My mom told my dad I lied to her. So my dad told me “if you’re going to lie
    to your mom you better make it good lie!”

  12. hallucinogen

    Someone stole my suitcase and there were mismatched tennis shoes in it. Ha!
    Bad thing is I had the other suitcase with the mismatched tennis shoes. :(