Sarah-Grace’s Loving Food cooking Series
Tropical Paradise Fruit Smoothie
Sarah Grace presents a how to cook for kids by kids video. Lessons for children on how to cook and prepare food.

She is 10 years old and has been featured on BT Television, Rachael Ray, a commercial in Japan with Uniqlo CO., LTD. in conjunction with UNICEF. She will also be used to promote Culturelle’s products for children in February. We were also contacted by the casting Producer for the Fox TV show Junior MasterChef, for a audition well as The Chew!



  1. SkullCrusher

    Alexis my daughter seven says this looks so good she wants to try it be

  2. vindicta911

    That was such a great video! Love the recipe! I also love the parrot in the
    background. :)

  3. KittyDance

    اقول كلي زق بس Beautiful

  4. Jellybeans


  5. MotoHelloTruck

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