1. Sweetsparrow


  2. gnobbishsout

    i am 9 and i saw this video in class cuz we learing about the ear..

  3. waggishoverjoyed

    Cartoons always make things fun!

  4. ZeroCharisma

    great video and nice singing

  5. australisferret

    thanks really helped with my homework

  6. Travuersa

    My teacher showed us this video today it helped a lot and with my homework
    but my teacher likes this video and I do too well when its science.

  7. BullFrog

    Great video! It really helped me get ready for my science test on sound,
    and it make learning fun!

  8. PinkGarden

    They should put this on t.v. 

  9. MentalWorld

    great video

  10. ditch

    So cool! You should make one for about how the voice works, I’ve been
    looking for one for elementary aged kids and haven’t found a great one yet.