Claire Kamp Dush, assistant professor of Human Development and Family Science at The Ohio State University, found that children who are born and grow up in stable, single-parent homes generally do as well as those in married households in terms of academic abilities and behavior problems. Professor Dush also found some interesting results for those who choose to live together without being married.



  1. Roselady

    that must explain why the majority of criminals come from single parent
    (especially single mother) homes´╗┐

  2. Carmelpoptart

    I took several psyc courses in university – they are a joke. It’s just a
    bunch of loaded questions in an survey that can be interpreted several ways
    then cherry picking the data you wish to present. People only take psyc,
    sociology etc because it’s easy, mental masturbation. People in Chemistry,
    Physics and other REAL sciences just laugh at it.

  3. HomeyFred

    Do you even know how research is conducted? It’s not like she just pulled
    random numbers out of thin air. These results come from interviewing
    hundreds of families, people living in the “real world.” All she is saying
    is that women who did not go through a divorce who raised children as
    single mothers compared to married parents who raised children showed no
    significant negative effects. And she’s not the only person to reach these
    kinds of conclusions. Do some research!

  4. Coverlackco

    Why not look up the study and read it rather than just jumping to
    conclusions based on a 2 and a half minute video?

  5. pk2hell

    You’re basing that off of a two minute video? Then you’re no better than
    you are claiming that she is. Why not look up the study and actually read
    what was undoubtedly a long and thorough report before making such brash
    assumptions. Psychological research that is peer reviewed undergoes
    rigorous examination before it is published and counted as “credible.” And
    even then studies are constantly retested to see if similar results have
    been obtained. That’s how science works.

  6. Evilkitten

    and therefore it is highly probable that the stress of the divorce, the
    change in family structure, as Claire Dush mentions, is one of the key
    factors influencing performance issues observed in children of single
    parents. Another area that hasn’t gotten much research: single fathers.

  7. RidgeRunner

    We don’t. The title of the video is misleading. What she’s saying is that
    this ONE particular category compared to ONE other particular category
    APPEARS to fare equally well. First of all, this is one study, and having
    done some research in this area, I can say that these are two groups that
    are not generally compared directly. It would be interesting to see other
    studies show similar results. At the same time, I don’t doubt her results,
    since the bulk of single parents have gone through divorce

  8. freakonaleash

    wait. how did we go from there not being a “clear” advantage for two of the
    races in just two categories analyzed to concluding that single parenting
    is just as effective as married parents?

  9. ramiN

    Isn’t that how theories begin?

  10. 2Freak

    She probably started with a conclusion then looked for evidence to justify
    it. This is why social “sciences” should be laughed at along with astrology
    and creationism.

  11. Pacomyleolo

    Why not study how children fare having been raised by single fathers? Oh,
    that group obviously slipped your mind. Over the past ten years, many men
    have actually won primary custody in family court and there’s now a large
    enough group of children raised by single fathers to study. I doubt you
    will like the results because it will not fit into your anti-man agenda.

  12. Lannaiale

    you found some interesting results eh? Reality does not support your
    out of academia and into the real world and you will see
    just how poorly single-parent homes are truly the “ME”
    generation. Teens who have not a clue about life nor the tools to cope with
    rest assured, the women’s advocate Family Court saw to it that dad
    was not allowed to be part of his own family at the whim of mom who got
    bored or felt confused. No doubt the advocates got the $.bimbo