Two years ago we traveled to Ethiopia to bring our son and daughter home. It’s been a crazy two years, and has changed us all forever. And this was how it all began…
If you’re curious to know about adoption, especially older child adoption or international adoption, this link would be a great next step



  1. LickitungSushi

    wow crying!!! absolutely love how open and warm these children are upon
    meeting all of those new family, amazing! and they are clearly so happy and
    having a wonderful life now xx

  2. xxsickh3dxx

    God bless you all

  3. Max

    It’s nice to see beautiful story’s like this

  4. HogButcher

    Beautiful video, beautiful family.

  5. cupcakesrock

    You guys are some amazing people thank you so much for giving these
    beautiful kids a family God bless you ??

  6. Firestix

    That was so nice at the end where the sister saves her brother from water

  7. Compule

    I love them!

  8. alvin99ful

    I have tears awww

  9. Devicoun

    A big round of applause

  10. Imbbqcombatarms

    the baby was so excited to hug his new brother and sister