1. firehawk729

    so cute!!

  2. EmeraldPrincess

    She was 7 then.

  3. oldhag149

    Shes 9 now.

  4. IWorld

    Guess what? Thats acully my dauteer

  5. HappyJock

    Nice, I wish I had seen it 25 years ago…

  6. heshe377

    Great video

  7. AngelMemories

    cute lil girl….. like my baby girl:-)

  8. Speedster

    She’s adorable


    Can I take her home with me?

  10. FlyingMouse

    This is great!

  11. Prearwen

    Love their mother.

  12. RuneScaoeComments

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  13. WarSyndrome

    kinda awesome kid

  14. Supergrass

    I love her! Shes so cute!