This video captures many long stories made short…. the true highlights of it all.

One Thing Remains…. This is the song that I first heard during one of the saddest times of our I clung to it… writing the lyrics down and sticking them on the fridge. We listened to it at Brooks’s funeral…. I listened to it often through our adoption journey, sang it as my flights were delayed, sang it as we landed in the US…. and I can now put it to this video which celebrates one of the happiest times in our fit perfectly. It is a wonderful and important reminder to me. With all my heart, I believe God is with us, through the good and the bad… and he remains good all of the time.

When I watch this, I don’t see something that we did. We never could have done this. All we did was follow His lead. Never have we felt a pull so strong to just trust. We weren’t eligible to adopt, and the expenses for two were more than we made each year. But 19 months later, a debt-free adoption was completed, and our family is together. Against all odds….

We are so thankful to everyone who helped us make this happen. May this serve as a testimony. May this help you follow His lead….



  1. touristtalking

    omg such a beautiful story! im crying with such happiness for this family

  2. RedKingdom

    So beautiful. Welp, now my makeup is ruined. <3 God is amazing.

  3. wipingcrunching

    To the Haitian diaspora (me included ) around the world SHAME ON US for not
    providing home from the children of native country

  4. NessNight

    we need more ppl like Kate Lundquist in this to the rest of
    them who did the Allah bless you and your family the best this
    world can strong!!

  5. Inspiration

    Beautiful loving people

  6. Deadlyinx

    It takes a big loving heart. I do believe you both have that. 

  7. WhiteStorm

    Amazing story it’s wonderful and god bless this family,one day i no i will
    be adopting kids in Jesus name. love to make others’ happy

  8. Bornconfused

    in my eyes, you guy are heroes

  9. Twitch

    that’s one happy, cute kid

  10. Dark

    So beautiful! I cried watching that.

  11. MrGroupkiller

    +tatty wings wym

  12. Xoomlady

    I cryed