Here are some of our all time favorite HooplaKidz Breakfast Recipes, fun breakfast ideas that are quick and easy, recipes so simple that your kids they will love to make and eat, simple DIY recipe tutorials for that perfect start of the day, For more amazing recipes visit : ,Please expand below to view the complete track list of this compilation.

(00:00) Simple And Delicious Breakfast Sushi
(01:39) Healthy Fruit Smoothie For Kids
(03:23) Pancakes For Children
(06:42) Strawberry Milkshake
(07:22) Peanut Butter & Banana Honey Sandwiches
(09:36) Hazelnut Spread (Nutella) Bread Recipe
(10:33) Healthy Banana Milkshake Recipe
(11:19) Egg Sandwich
(12:34) How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs

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  1. ox0powned0xo

    Or you could just go to Mcdonalds

  2. Divine


  3. angel

    Those are so yummy!! But chocolate chips not chocolate drops that sounds a
    little unappetizing

  4. ExpertMegaFear

    i knew it was a pig

  5. ownedouzel

    Good video but many of them are far from healthy, for example the
    strawberry milkshake, I use a recipe far healthier than that try the same
    amount of strawberries and some milk that’s all but tastes exactly the same
    without the sugar!
    And the pancakes, it’s not like kids need to lose weight as they are still
    growing but if you show them healthy options early they will chose them
    later in life. Instead of using flour try blending up some whole oats into
    a flour or even using coconut flour. Hope this helped xx much love Olivia
    age 13 x

  6. NoLimits

    Very good idea, keep up! :)

  7. atrialunique

    yuk peenut buter and jam yuk

  8. EvilPhilanthropist

    I’m just asking

  9. WhiteStorm

    but obviously u don’t like it so one day plz try to like

  10. w8t4u

    for me

  11. mulletsag

    yeah and u spelled first wrong but I like peanut butter it delicious

  12. PrincessArmy

    Love your channel

  13. CerealKiller

    On the fist one I used chocolate spread instead I don’t like peanut butter

  14. Spazyfool

    I just tried the pancake design one and it worked sadly I dropped it so i
    have to throw it away:( but it was cool