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Tim invites Charles over to help paint TJ’s new bedroom and takes the opportunity to talk to Charles about his possible foray into parenting. Tim warns Charles about the difficulties of being a single parent and urges him to prepare himself, but will Charles take his advice seriously?

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  1. hystericalvelvety

    Why is Tim SO Biggggggggggggg. Good Graciousssss. Let me go. 

  2. PinkGarden

    The GLBT community is truly a very diverse community and the ways for
    choosing to procreate are numerous as well as can be creative ( surrogacy,
    adoption, artificial insemination, Lesbian choosing to have intercourse
    with a man or Gay choosing to have intercourse with a woman, Bisexual man
    or woman choosing to have kids through intercourse, in vitro fertilization
    -IVF, etc,… Personally, I believe having kids through intercourse is a
    lot less expensive that going to a fertility clinic if the latter option
    isn’t economical.

    I think Lil Charles has everything it takes to be a great father especially
    when he had that heart to heart talk with Andre.


  3. Buffylkawle

    I’m sure Lil Charles reads the comments about him on social media and he’s
    aware of the speculations surrounding his sexuality; however, I really
    think its a personal matter and nobodies business (except the ones he’s
    engaging in relations with). Safe sex is always what I advise young people
    who are sexually active to do. STD’s are no joke!


  4. DramaCreator

    CHARLES IS FAAAAR FROM GAY!!!!! That boy aint gay…. Trust Me

  5. SillyNinja

    Charles is around women 95% of the time the only guy you see him with is
    Andre cousin, do you ever see his father no and his mother still pay his
    bills he has no man figure . Tim did try to help him but everyone thought
    he was too strict well Charles needs to grow up but why would he when
    everyone is paying his way.

  6. WarSyndrome

    I agree about the baby thing their were so many rumors and I don’t
    understand why his family wouldn’t except that, when you look at it they
    are part of the reason by babying him letting him live with them and pay no
    bills. But the pregnancy scare was a big front but maybe he didn’t lie Mia
    had 6 kids LOL.

  7. Fraserling

    Is this the girl he said may be pregnant by him LOL, Charles is a lost guy
    and I blame all the women in his life that aloud him to not get it
    together. But when you look at how he took care of Mia and those puppies
    was priceless he has a good heart and maybe dogs is where he should go, the
    only thing when they decided to show this on tv at least they should have
    made sure Charles had GLOVES on that was not clean at all I wouldn’t want
    him to deliver my food to me after seeing that, he’s a father

  8. keeprockloud

    I love tim! Jail or not! Baby mamma drama or not! Tim is my dude

  9. IcyFlame

    you have a lot to learn about black men sweetie bless your heart

  10. ReadCrazy

    Yall do know that these reality shows are Charles is straight
    then so is Rupaul

  11. AwesomeWhisper

    Figurd charles was gay then met a metrosexual who favored charles & luvd
    coochi .smh world is crazy da 1s u think gay R str8 & 1s u think str8 R gay

  12. Pegasus

    At 1st i thought he was gay but after watching i doubt he is gay.

  13. 2legit2quit

    Why are yall assuming hes gay???

  14. Meomixftwyo

    Maybe he’s bi lmaoo

  15. Msundere

    2 men cannot have kids, at least not yet