I just thought it was time I make this video due to the amount of you that were reaching out to me asking for advice on how you should tell your parents your pregnant. I hope this video answers any questions you guys had on how I told people. I also hope my advice is helpful to any of you young teen mom’s out there that need help telling your parents you are expecting!

The point of this video is to help teens that are already pregnant, as I do not condone or encourage teen pregnancy in any way!

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  1. Beauty

    how do you get pregnant?????????

  2. CouchChiller

    My mom would DIE if I got pregnant… she had me when she was 34

  3. Bubblegum

    how old were you

  4. xzzachzx

    hi Marissa! you’re such a beautiful person, inside and out! you’re really
    brave and responsible. you’re a great mom too! I just want to ask you
    something, I hope I don’t offend you in any way. I’m just curious about
    your dad. is he with you and your mom? or just working away from you?
    thanks if you answer but I totally understand if you don’t :)

  5. FrustratedMonk

    I got pregnant at 17 as well 2 years of dating and he suddenly stops
    talking to me 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant had to hunt him down
    to tell him. He told his mom and his mom told MINE before I was ready
    annnnd still don’t talk to the fraternal side today.