Three children given world’s best Christmas present as they unwrap adoption papers in this heartwarming clip

This heartwarming footage captured the moment on Christmas morning when these three children were told “you’re one of us now”.

While sat around the Christmas tree on December 25, last year, six children can be seen waiting patiently for their presents in matching pyjamas.

Three have been fostered by Michael and Sarah Perks and the eldest is given a parcel to open for him and his two biological younger siblings.

As the boy unwraps the gift and reads whats inside he can’t hold in his emotions and bursts into tears before running up to his new dad.



  1. WalkingStatue

    This is fantactics

  2. team3d180

    I was half expecting it to be a gay couple, but thank god he’s been given a
    normal family, unlike that poor kid in that backwards Campbells soup ad.

  3. nointreaucotation

    this is fantastic but damn should come with a warning, damn them onions my
    eyes are leaking lolz! x

  4. DogBone

    I have something in both of my eyes.