More than 100,000 American kids are in foster care where the average stay is more than two years. Foster care children hope to be adopted one day, but as Mark Strassmann reports, some never will have their dream come true.



  1. DefaultAsAwesome

    i wish i could adopt but being single and making just enough for me to live
    on is hard

  2. GardenHeart

    Breaks my heart all these children need parents despite the age i would
    love to adopt a older child

  3. dmlranivorous

    when I get OLDER I WILL ADOPT JUST wait tell I have my own house and a job
    I’m only 16 and im in the 11th grade. I’m almost out of school !!! just
    wait on it ???

  4. zoompreference

    i will try to tell my mom

  5. pikachu

    Love all of the m cause they sound cool especially will… If I had the
    opportunity I would take the chance but I’m still a student… I praying
    that they find someone who is willing to give them hope and love for them
    to excel and accomplish there dreams in future…

  6. DaisyLouise

    As a FOSTER Child myself the problem is that in the United States their is
    so much flippin’ red tape. The adoption agencies put families who want to
    open up their homes to children through stacks of paper work, red tape,
    regulations and the biggest issue is EXPENSE. This country is in the *Baby/Child
    Selling Business*. All that needs to be done is an *Extensive Background
    Check*, *Home Inspection*, and *Employment*. Once that is confirmed their
    is absolutely no reason why these parents should have to wait for *Days*,
    *Weeks*, *months* and *Years* to give a *Child* a *Home*. Sadly we have
    more *Shelters* and an extremely easy *Adoption* process for *Animals* and
    that is a wonderful thing but what about *We the Children*? I think that is
    an issue that *Congress and our Elected Officials* need to address

  7. ArmandoBroncas

    I would love to but the cost is too much. Why cant loving people just take
    in children? Children would not be alone so long. But its an industry that
    preys on people for their money instead of what is best for the child in
    reality. I would love to adopt but having $25,000 just to get started is
    not something I have in my back pocket. Really sad

  8. PeppermintCandy

    This made me cry, because i wanna be adopted too

  9. FreakBad

    I feel bad because 1. In America they don’t usually let single ppl adopt
    kids 2. What a hard life. Good side 1. Someone nice there u will trust some
    day. ?

  10. kamikazemomma5

    People protest against homosexuals adopting because they think it will mess
    up the kid. To put this fear to rest all states should allow gay couples to
    adopt older kids. If they adopt older kids let’s say 12 and up we can get
    results faster as when these kids grow up they can say we grew up fine and
    finally accept gays adopting. I’ve read that is the function of gay people
    in the first place in evolution. Limiting breeding stock to take care of
    orphaned kids or the elderly. In Mexico there is a tribe where a gay man
    ritually becomes a daughter and takes care of the elderly. They wear
    beautiful dresses

  11. ShinySeashells

    Where are all the prolifers adopting them?