Of course, sex is pleasurable but did you know it is also very healthy? We found out just how sex benefits our health.

The benefits of sex range from lowering the risk of cancer to reducing stress levels. Sex also improves the bonding with your partner.Thus, it does much more than giving you the feelings of intimacy, it actually boosts your overall health.

1. Helps Your Immune System

People who are sexually active help their immune system to protect their bodies against harmful substances and other intruders. People who have sex once or twice a day take fewer sick days and overall feel better. Of course, sex is not the ultimate remedy and you should still care about your health, including staying active, eating healthy and getting enough sleep. It is also important to use protection if you or your partner has STD statuses.

2. Boosts Your Sex Drive

Sex can actually boost your libido, especially in women. Scientists say that having more sex means better blood flow and vaginal lubrication which in return make sex even better. Thus, women who have sex frequently have orgasms more often.

Women orgasm

3. Good Workout for Muscles

One more time, this affects females more than males. Good sex is a workout for your pelvic floor muscles thus they become stronger. As a result, females who have sex more often avoid incontinence which affects many women all over the world.

4. Naturally Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Modern studies found a close connection between regular sex and lower blood pressure. However, scientists say that masturbation doesn’t have the same effect on blood pressure.

5. Amazing Exercise

Of course, sex is not a treadmill and it won’t make your butt bigger, but it is an amazing cardio. Every minute of sex requires 5 calories, which is 4 times more than doing nothing. It also involves muscles. So if you don’t have time for a gym, regular sex can count for a workout.

6. Reduces The Risk Of The Heart Attack

When you have low estrogen and testosterone levels, chances of the heart attack are much higher. Sex helps keep balance between the two, thus it’s really good for your heart. Having regular sex reduces the chances of heart disease by 50%.

7. Blocks Pain

Sex is a temporary cure for pain, almost like aspirin. During sex, your body releases special hormone that keeps pain at bay. Even better, masturbation can also help. For example, scientists found that vaginal stimulation helps women reduce back and leg pain, and even help with menstrual pain, headache and arthritic pain.

Benefits of sex

8. Reduces Risks Of Prostate Cancer

Men who ejaculate over 20 times a month have greater chances to ward off prostate cancer. And men don’t need a partner because masturbation counts, too. Of course, sex isn’t the only thing that reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Lots of factors contribute here but more sex definitely won’t hurt.

9. Get Better Sleep

When you reach an orgasm, your body releases hormone prolactin, which help you sleep better and ensure good quality sleep. Thus, regular sex can help you nod off more quickly, which is quite helpful nowadays.

Deep sleep after sex

10. Reduces Stress

Since sex gives you the feeling of intimacy, being with your partner reduces stress and anxiety. Our bodies have feel-good hormone that is released when you’re close to the partner. And when you reach an orgasm, your brain releases a chemical that makes you feel better.

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