A playroom is a special place where your child can be creative, have fun or just relax. In parental dreams, this room is filled with plush rugs, brightly colored toys, floor to ceiling toys and pastel stuffed animals. The concept of a playroom is often glamorized; the reality of a room with children and toys is usually everything except harmony.

However, there are parents who designed perfect playrooms. The following article will offer 5 more realistic and less expensive playroom ideas (both practical and fun!) that your kids will love.

1. Hanging Chairs

A hanging chair is an amazing way to encourage relaxing, lounging, and reading. They keep the fun flowing, and who said they are only for outdoor use? There are plenty of indoor hanging chairs that create that cozy nook for your child. From bright fabric to pastel flower designs, there is a style that fits the atmosphere of your playroom whether it is classic traditional or urban dwelling. And don’t forget about drawers and boxes to provide necessary storage space. Add bright pops of color here and there to increase the fun.

room with hanging chairs

2. Reading Nook

Like most families with children, we would imagine, you have a large collection of children’s books. Reading helps your children develop and improves their imagination. Find a light corner, add bean bags and cushions, and fill it with books. Many kids love to read and listen to stories, and they also love to make up their own, so why not create a cozy space for your children in the playroom where they could get out their books and read them, or where you could sit together and you could read them as well.

playroom with reading nook

3. Make A Playroom Outside

A wooden summerhouse is a great place to set up a playroom for your children. If you’re looking for an area for them to play during warmer months, or your older children need a den to hang out with friends, here is how you can do it. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to turn your summerhouse into a playroom. Add bag chairs and art tables, and make the room more inviting by hanging their artwork and painting a checkerboard on the floor. You can also upcycle wooden crates to make clever storage spaces.

Playroom Outside

4. Bright Furniture

The great way to stimulate child’s sense of sight is to choose furniture and wall paints with bright colors. What you need to remember when choosing a bright color is the composition. Make sure colors aren’t too contrast or striking, or they will make the kid dizzy. Besides, you can get a cheerful shade from the right lighting setting, either from natural sunlight (choose the room with huge windows) or from the artificial light (don’t forget to hide the cords). You can paint the walls white and use dark wood for flooring, and get bright furniture for a pop of color. Just make sure the playroom is bright and fun but not excessive because it causes the room feel hot, not inviting.

Playroom with Bright Furniture

5. Nautical theme

We are big fans of all things nautical, since this theme suits boys and girls alike and it’s not related to age. What is the most recognized nautical thing? The rope! This little detail will make the playroom like it was pulled straight from a ship galley. You can also paint anchors on white curtains to make them fit the theme. Possibilities are endless, you can mix and match colors for more visual interest.

Nautical theme playroom

We hope these 5 ideas help you recapture childhood fun. Do you have a playroom? Share you designs in the comments below!

Source: IdealHome