Many parents imagine a perfect playroom with a magical atmosphere where they children will play and relax. However, designing a perfect playroom is a challenging task as parents have to take into consideration several factors that combine functionality and fun. Below, we will show 5 clever playroom ideas that combine functionality, space, storage and decoration.

1. Striped ceiling

Are stripped walls too basic? The stripped ceiling is definitely going to become a focal point of the playroom. Stripes are perfect for boys and girls alike, and you can choose the main color that teens will like as well to achieve the design that lasts. Yellow color can be paired with white or soft beige to have an appeal all of its own. Rugs and toys will add softness to stripes and make the playroom more welcoming. Stripes and stripped ceiling in particular, is a great option if the playroom is visible from other rooms or is a part of an open-plan design.

playroom with striped ceiling

2. Personalized Storage

Children love having a room where everything is catered to them, and personalized tables, chairs and storage is a great way to fit the theme and make a unique focal point. You should bring lots of storage into the playroom with baskets, built-ins, free-standing units and bins. They are necessary to ensure every child has enough place to play and that they aren’t tripping on each other’s toys. You can turn boring shelves and storage boxes into fun, personalized items while keeping the clutter hidden out of sight. It will also make tidying up much easier. Paint the storage into a favorite color of your child and decorate it with stickers. Green, blue, red, and orange are the colors that will please both boys and girls.

playroom with personalized storage

3. Wall Stickers

Wall stickers and decals add a whimsical and fun touch, and they are great for renters because you can apply and remove them in a minute. If you don’t want to paint the walls blue, green or other bright colors, a decorative sticker can be a focal point of the playroom and serve as a fun and playful element. Even better, you won’t have to redecorate the room when your child outgrows the design.

Stickers can also serve as a height chart. You can even take your kids shopping and let them choose stickers for their playroom.

playroom with wall stickers

4. Feature Wall

Add a hint of creativity or a splash of color to the playroom by installing a playful feature wall. Creating the wall adds character and depth to the room; it’s a great way to personalize the playroom. Whether you choose vibrant wallpaper, a living wall or a splash of color, there is something that your kids will like. A feature wall helps you enjoy patterned wallpaper without feeling overwhelmed or making the room look busy. Go for a scheme that children will love and update it when children grow older. It works best if you tie colors in the feature wall into the rest of the room.

playroom with feature wall

5. Garden Room

If you have a spacious room with doors that lead to a garden, create a playroom that all children will love where that can open doors and play in the garden and then come back and play inside. The soft lime green and dove gray colors are not obvious unisex colors but make for a restful, calming, welcoming and relaxing space that will suit both little kids and teens. Add carpets in a neutral color so your kids can play on the floor.

garden style playroom

How have you met functionality and fun in your home’s playroom? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Source: idealhome