We are sure that in the process of raising children, many of you have faced the issues of organization of his/her room. Not only the decor of the room is important, but also the way the kid practices their own coordination of items in space and uses organizational capacities. The child’s room is a place where they enjoy playing and have the opportunity to develop his/her capacity. That’s why it should be practical, warm and inviting. Here, we share 7 smart storage ideas that really deliver.

1. Wall-Mounted Wire Planters

These wire planters or repurposed planter baskets that you can find in any store make an attractive and inexpensive alternative to purpose-made baskets. All you need to do is to mount them on the wall to get necessities off the floor. And when your kids grow older, you can use the planters to actually plant something.

Wall-Mounted Wire Planters

2. A Wall of Shelving

A wall of shelving creates enough space for child supplies. You can create a bigger wall to store the most used toys in the lower sections while seldom-used items and breakable keepsakes can be stored higher where children can’t reach. That way, a favorite toy is easily accessible while something fragile is off the floor but still displayed. And when your kids grow older, you can simply raise the wall higher.

A Wall of Shelving

3. Tool Organizer

All children have lots of art supplies and small items such as LEGO that create a real mess when not stored properly. A simple solution is to make a wall mounted tool organizer to keep everything in place. You can also play a fun game with your kid by drawing labels to every box and storage containers. Use picture labels for younger children and a mix of words and pictures for early readers.

Tool Organizer

4. Dress-Up Cabinets

Kids are collectors and they really love to display stylish items they own. Thus, you can remove the doors on a TV cabinet and install a rod. Decorate it with paint and paper, and you have a fun and practical dress-up cabinet. We think that every child’s room should have something like that. Selecting a basic color will allow the parents versatility for use.

Dress-Up Cabinets

5. Six Pack Holder

We always put a six pack holder in the recycling bin without realizing how useful it can be! Take colorful papers and decorate the holder. This is a perfect storage for art supplies that can be transported in whatever place a kid goes. You don’t even have to decorate it – it is perfect as it is for holding brushes, markers, and other little items.

Six Pack Holder

6. Modified Bookshelf

Is your kid into sports and has lots of sports equipment? We have a great storage solution for you! You can modify an old bookshelf to keep sports equipment nice and tidy. You can store smaller accessories in bins while keeping skateboards and other big items on a short shelf.

Modified Bookshelf

7. Wire Fruit Basket

Don’t throw away wire fruit baskets because they can become a great storage space for small items. For example, you can hold it on a shower rod to store accessories and toys. They won’t be everywhere when you don’t need them and will dry quickly, too. Use paint to make wire fruit baskets more appealing and they will create a tidy place where items are quickly accessible.

Wire Fruit Basket

Which of these ideas do you like best? Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below!

Source: bobvila