Many parents could agree that even when we try to pick up kid clutter regularly, we don’t have a good solution for storing it. So as soon as the kid starts to play, the room looks messy again. If you want to get organized and maybe do some quick rearranging, these practical and sweet storage ideas can really help.

1. Utilize The Space Underneath The Bed

Starting with kid’s bedroom is the logical step. Because kids often have small rooms, it would be smart to optimize the space underneath the bed. Use old drawers as storage for clothing and toys. You can also add casters to make the drawers easily movable. This is extremely functional because you can integrate drawer units and toy boxes so that kids can store their necessities while also leaving enough space for games and fun.

The Space Underneath The Bed

2. Crate Idea

Have you already given up on your kid’s shelves not looking like some disaster just hit them? Wooden crate is a great idea to help little ones (and even teenagers) keep their toys, books and other necessities looking tidy.

Wooden crafts are extremely versatile and you can set up as many wooden storage boxes as you want and in whatever shape is the best fit for the room. You can put one wooden craft on another and then screw them together. Cheap solution to the storage problem!

Crate Idea

3. Magnetic Knife Strip

Does your kid love to play with toy cars? If yes, this idea is for you. Get a magnetic knife strip and mount it to the wall. Your kid will be happy to park his/her cars this way! And they won’t take away the valuable space. It is a fun and unique display of toys your kid will be proud of, and no one will ever step on those cars again during the dark night.

Magnetic Knife Strip

4. Storage Can Be Fun, Too!

We bet you have never seen the storage hoist in a kid’s room but this is actually a great solution! Kids will love to help you with cleaning and use the rope-and-pulley system to put toys in the baskets. And you can give them a science lesson while cleaning, as well.

Storage Can Be Fun, Too!

5. Magazine Holders

Magazine holders are perfect for organizing small items such as pencils or books in the kid’s room. Choose colorful holders to put some of the toys out of sight (and out of mind!). This is a great idea for everything that your child doesn’t use regularly.

Magazine Holders

6. PVC Pipes

Wall storage is always convenient when the room is getting too cluttered – when things are off the desks and floor it already looks much more organized. If you have an overstocked room, you can make this simple PBC pipe storage unit. Take as many PVC couplings as you want and glue them together in any shape you want. You can take larger couplings to hold larger items such as toys. These pipes are white and can fit in any design, but you can also paint them to match the colors of your kid’s room.

PVC Pipes

7. Shoe Rack

You can hand a shoe rack over the door to create storage for toys and action figures. Shoe racks are see-through, so your child will always know what toy he is taking out.

Shoe Rack

8. Pegboard

Pegboard is the most versatile DIY storage we could think of. You can change and rearrange the hooks to accommodate new items. The pegboard can be a focal point of the room, as well.


We hope these 8 storage solutions help you keep the clutter in check. Have you already tried them? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Source: bobvila