There is nothing easier than giving advice about the importance of always remaining calm, and there is nothing more difficult than following it.

That being said we offer you a few tips for … well, not staying calm per se, but rather keeping emotionally demanding situations to a minimum. Here they are.

Plan ahead

Try to make plans to meet any contingencies. Sure, you will fail many a time, but there is no doubt that some of your plans will come in handy and will help you to keep your nerve in most difficult situations.

Be a good organizer

Getting nervous in a tricky situation can be partly offset by being able to know what you should do to save the day after you cooled down a little.

Learn from your mistakes

You should not be worried about making them: everybody does. It is repeating your mistakes that you should care about: try to learn from your experiences and do not make the same mistake twice.

Regularly recharge your batteries

it is virtually impossible to stay calm when you are under a lot of stress if you are tired and exhausted. A good rest is the key component of composure; pushing yourself too hard will only make you jittery.

Never miss an opportunity to sleep in, to have a long bath or to read a good book: it is always worthwhile to take a break.

Let go

you cannot always be a winner, and life is not a game of perfect. Sometimes you have no choice but to put up with something or somebody: only concentrate on serious matters like your children, marriage and health and forget about things that are of no importance.

Last but not least: exercise regularly.

The stronger you are, the less nervous you feel.)