Some Babies Can Change Their Eye Color

We know it’s hard to stop gazing at the beautiful blue eyes of your baby! But there is always a chance they would become gray, green or brown. Some babies have dark eyes and they stay dark, though shades can change with time. Why do these magical changes happen?

Eyes can change as we grow because the amount of melanin present in the colored parts of the eyes change. There are several factors that determine whether your baby’s eyes will change color with time.

Baby eye color changes

Melanin is produced by cells. It’s a pigment that gives color to your hair, skin and eyes. Just like UV rays can change your skin color, melanin can change your eye color. When your baby is born, the light increases melanin production. As a result, the eye color can change. If your baby has a very small amount of melanin, the eyes will be blue. Add a bit more and they will turn gray. Add even more and your baby will have brown or black eyes.

When The Eye Color Changes

The most dramatic changes happen when your child is between the six months and nine months old. By this time, the iris has gotten enough pigment so you can predict the final color. But even so, the color may still change – you may notice shade changed until your child is three years old. Of course, blue eyes don’t turn black but hazel eyes can become brown. And in some people, eye color can change into adulthood.

Baby eye color

Genetics and Eye Color

Genetics play a huge role in determining your baby’s eye color. You and your partner’s eye color can give you a hint of your baby’s eyes. Since there is a lot that people don’t know about genes and their roles in defining your baby’s eyes and other features, it’s hard to predict the final color.

But there are huge probabilities: for example if your partner’s and your eyes are brown, but you have a blue-eyed parent, there is a good chance your baby’s eyes will be blue as well. If your eyes are blue and your partner’s eyes are brown, there is 50-50 chance of changing eye color. If both of you have blue eyes, there is a good chance your baby will have blue eyes.

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