Babywearing has become extremely popular in recent decades. What carrier can you safely rely on?

Proponents of babywearing often say that it helps to form a strong bond with your baby and makes your child feel calm and secure. It is also said that babywearing promotes healthy development and advances your kid’s learning abilities. However, many parents find it difficult to learn how to wrap the sling around, and so-called ‘structured carriers’ are often bulky and cumbersome.

 The Baby K’tan Carrier

Baby K’tan offers you an innovative baby carrier that is a unique blend of a sling and a structured carrier. The Baby K’tan Carrier is lightweight and compact as well as supportive and reliable: it is exactly what you need to stay close to your child.

Here are other reasons why this carrier is worth your attention.

  • The Baby K’tan Carrier is made of breathable cotton and does not feature any synthetic materials. The fabric of the carrier is stretchy: it will steadily adapt to your baby’s growth.
  • The carrier is very easy to put on: you don’t have to wrap the carrier around your chest and shoulders or buckle it on. All you need to do is slip the carrier on like a T-shirt.

The Baby K’tan Carrier

  • The carrier can be used by both women and men: a comprehensive sizing chart will help you to choose the right size.
  • The Baby K’tan Carrier comes in as many as five sizes that range from extra small to extra large. There are six colors available: you can either choose elegant nautical or decide on stylish black.
  • The carrier ensures privacy and is ideal for breastfeeding.
  • The carrier supports weights from 8 to 35 pounds so that you can use it with a newborn or a toddler.
  • There are 6 available carrying positions (such as the hug, cradle and kangaroo): it will take you mere seconds to switch between them.

The Baby K’tan Carrier multiple positions

  • There are comprehensive video instructions on how to put on the carrier and switch it to the position you need on the manufacturer’s website.
  • The carrier comes with a sash that can also be used as a carrying bag.
  • The carrier is designed to evenly distribute weight across your back and shoulders: you do not feel tired after having used it.
  • The carrier can be used by mothers who had a C-section: it sits high enough above the scar and is comfortable to wear.
  • The Baby K’tan Carrier was designed in the USA; it is manufactured in China and Guatemala.

The Baby K’tan Carrier short specification

The prototype of the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier was designed back in 1999 by Michal Chesal, who used it with her son with special needs. A friend of Michal’s named Isaac Wernick borrowed the carrier to use it with his son who had undergone heart surgery. Having tried the carrier, Isaac helped Michal to improve its design and make it even more comfortable and reliable.

In 2007 Michal and Isaac founded Baby K’tan to bring their innovative product to market. The company allocates a percentage of the proceeds to the American Heart Association and to various programs aimed to help families living with Down syndrome.

The Baby K’tan Carrier