Who says you can’t design a beautiful nursery on a budget? With these simple tips, your nursery will cost you less than average!

Let’s not forget that you will probably redecorate the nursery after a couple of years, so while you want it to look beautiful, there are simple tricks to keep it on a budget. Read on for our favorite tips for nursery design.

Get a Convertible Crib

Even though these cribs are more expensive than regular models, they are worth the money in the long-term. It can be a bed for a toddler and with a few adjustments it can also become a bed for a teen.

Keep in mind that sometimes you have to buy accessories and hardware for conversion separately, or you can buy everything at once (it’s often cheaper than buying separately). Besides, you may not be able to find the necessary parts in the future.

Convertible Crib

You Don’t Need a Crib Bedding

Those adorable pink/blue/yellow crib beddings can cost a fortune and it’s hard not to buy them. However, they are not only unnecessary; they are dangerous for an infant. You shouldn’t put blankets and pillows in a crib because they increase the risk of suffocation. A much safer and cheaper alternative is a swaddle wrap that is enough to keep a baby warm.

You Don’t Need a Changing Table

Of course, you need a place to change your baby, but changing tables are useless. Infants bunk with parents and when they can roll, you will probably change them on the floor. Thus, many changing tables are never used.

Baby on a changing table

Be Prepared For Shopping

Before you go shopping for baby necessities, think about everything you have and everything you can get for a cheaper price. For example, your old dresser can look airy and welcoming with a fresh coat of paint. You can also get baskets for diapers and you will have a changing station.

If you have to buy new furniture, go to a second-hand shop and give old furniture a makeover. Even an old chair can look fun when wrapped in a colorful fabric. Here is when you can use your imagination and be creative. You will save a lot on nursery décor if you DIY it.

Mix Different Styles

Don’t have a designer to decorate your nursery? Play with different styles and textures and choose unique items in second-hand stores to save money. Find something (for example, a color) that will establish a sense of flow. Nursery is the only room where you can do basically anything and unblock your creative potential.

Paint Is Great

Paint is cheap and easy-to-use, so it makes the best alternative of expensive wallpapers and other treatments. Paint can be used in fun and creative ways, and you can even paint the ceiling and the floor to complete the design of the nursery.

If you’re not sure about painting walls, start with smaller things such as window frames. You can take tape and create patterns. It sounds harder than it is and the results are always worth the effort.

Painting the nursery

Play With Accessories

Every little thing for a nursery is extremely expensive, and they add up quickly. Don’t want to spend much on accessories? You can DIY lots of amazing nursery accessories that will look like expensive store-bought décor!

Simple Is Beautiful

There are different styles that don’t require lots of details, for example, modern minimalism and Boho chic. For example, white is a great color for a small nursery since it makes the room look spacious and airy.

Minimalistic Nursery

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