A homemade birdhouse is more than just an exercise in carpentry: it is your family’s contribution to wildlife conservation and an excellent opportunity for your kids to learn about birds. Here are some creative ideas for birdhouses that are certain to kindle your interest in ornithology.

A low-cost birdhouse with a classic design

A pine board plus some nails and screws is everything you will need for this traditional birdhouse. This project will be ideal for people who have no previous craft experience. Just follow the instructions: you simply can’t go wrong.

Fancy boots for fancy birds

Who said that birdhouses should always be dull and rectangular? This idea for a truly appealing birdhouse is really a stroke of genius. Give your brightly colored cowboy boots a second life and use them as unusual decorations for your garden or backyard!

Durability and style: a modern birdhouse

This design is intended for real processionals: why don’t you equip your birdhouse with a latch and make its walls really thick to withstand moisture and rot for very long. Birds will deeply appreciate your efforts!

A tea party

In China they believe that tea extends longevity and improves health. Here is another unforeseen property of this wonderful drink: it can help birds to find accommodation. Although this teapot birdhouse is not made of an actual teapot, it is still warm, and cozy, and comfortable. An excellent decorative object to look at while drinking tea in your garden!

An automotive birdhouse

If you happen to have an old license plate, do not hurry to throw it away. Just bend the plate in the middle and you will get an original roof for your birdhouse. All that you need to do now is to construct the house itself: these comprehensive instructions will leave no questions unanswered.

A birdmansion

If you really like birds and dream of becoming a carpenter, this mansion is definitely what you need to try your hand at. Anyway, how can birds be supposed to get by without those columns, a verandah, and a chimney?

A green-roof birdhouse

This project is both simple and ingenious. Why shouldn’t you convert the roof of the birdhouse into a large flowerpot? Surely, you will have to use a sturdy board to prevent the roof from collapsing (cedar should be preferred to pine). However, the end result will be 100% environmentally friendly and perfectly suitable for a blooming garden.

A fairy tale birdhouse

It is complex. It won’t come cheap. It will definitely require a long time to do. Nonetheless, this birdhouse is so beautiful that you can’t help gazing at it with awe for many a minute. It looks as if it came right from the fairytales you read in your childhood: a real work of art!

A book birdhouse

The early bird catches the bookworm: the designers of this birdhouse used books to adorn its walls and the roof. An ideal choice for those who like to read in their gardens: for this project you might use such bestsellers as The Maltese Falcon or The Thorn Birds.